mint/teal + pink

Sorry I've not been posting for a few days! I will catch up on comments/blogs/etc. today :). By the way, I'm not sure if Disqus notifies you when I reply, but I usually try to respond to every comment.

This past week was actually very fruitful for me. Last Saturday/Sunday I finally, finally, cleaned out the rest of my room and rearranged my furniture to my liking. Then my packages came in!

And finally, I've booked my plane tickets to Canada in May (I also bought my Via Rail ticket the week before), so those plans are being finalized. I think the only real thing I have to do is request those days off from work (and I've just accumulated enough PTO for it). Oh, and figure out a more tentative itinerary of what I plan to see when I'm there! The main event that I'll be attending is the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and meeting many of my online friends for the first time in person! I am friends with so many Canadians...

Anyways, this post is kind of about how I own many things in a teal/mint color and a pink color... I apparently really like that combination. Nail polish, hand bags, cellphone case, blazers, knit tops...

What about your closet? Any must-have colors or colors that you wear more than others?

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