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I feel like I've spent too much money lately, but at the same time I probably haven't shopped for clothes since Christmas? Haha if it seems like I'm rich... I'm not really, I work a full time office job and live at home so I don't really have bills to pay (and I do put half my paycheck into savings).

My ex-roommate invited me to watch Muse with her this Tuesday so I need to figure out what to wear (aka the best excuse to buy new clothes!!). Right now I have a dress option and a jeans option (it's a seated ticket since it's at one of those arena/stadium places); if it was a standing room only show I would wear the jeans for sure, haha, but since I'm most likely not going to be in the crowd (and groped) I was thinking that maybe a dress?

New lightweight blazers. This mint one is much lighter than my teal one (in color). And I like this striped b&w one as well. I have some colorful jeans (red) and trousers (violet) that I think would go nice with these, lol! And I can wear them to work.

Floral skinnies. I might wear this to the concert with a tank/cami and one of my blazers. I don't have a floral printed skinnies yet. I actually don't really feel the urge to buy too many casual clothes since I work in a business casual setting on weekdays. These jeans were on clearance for ~$10 which is a steal!! NO REGRETS, haha.

Dresses!! I laughed at myself as I picked out yet another minty blue dress (so cute though) and this lace pink/nude one. The cashier asked me if I was buying them for easter... but mostly I wanted new spring-y dresses. The pink/nude one came in a black color but I figured that I wanted lighter colors anyways. I might wear that one to the concert with a darker colored (aka not pastel!!) jacket and violet tights. (Both concert outfits will be paired with my chocolate brown oxfords.) Still undecided!!

I also bought new bras but unfortunately they forgot to take off the pin thing on one of them so I'll have to drop by the store tomorrow to get that fixed. Haha, I hate when that happens!

Opaque tights on sale, couldn't resist... I've heard nice things about the Maybelline Color Tattoos, so I wanted to try it out. I got the plum and the taupe ones, and I really like the plum for my daily wear. Also pictured: Nicole by OPI... these were actually on sale for about $2 which is the main reason I picked them up, haha. Rimmel lipstick... this one is okay. I'm actually trying to find a lipstick color for spring.

FlexArmor sleeve for my dslr. I'm planning on taking a trip to Canada in may. I have one of those big camera bags for my dslr, but I don't like it for travel since I don't want to have to keep track of another bulky bag, so I need something for my camera that I can just slip into my bag.

A new phone and case. My old phone has actually been broken for about 1+ years... mostly I think I've dropped it too much and broke the speaker. Every time I had to make a call (not often) or listen to music/videos/anything, my phone would emit this really loud static noise. Seeing that I plan on being out of the country in May, I actually need a working phone...

And now I've got to do some cleaning in preparation of M staying over!

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