suddenly, may

Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks of silence from my end, haha! I confess, I just fell off of the blogging habit and was too lazy to make new posts. So this one will be a bit about everything.

I don't know if I mentioned it on my blog yet, but I'm an ex-architecture student. Even though I'm not studying to be an architect anymore, I still enjoy practicing my building-sketching skills. I follow a fantastic artist on instagram (Adrian/road_8), and every time he posts his drawings, I'm inspired to work on my own.

This week I'm going to Canada. I'll be in Toronto and Montreal for a week and a half. I'll be going to TCAF this year (the friends that I'm staying with are exhibitors!) I'm really excited, but mostly because this is the first time I'll get to meet these friends in person. And then I'm taking the train to Montreal to stay with my other friend. I'll post more on this when I'm back from my trip. Right now I'm just busy finalizing my plans and figuring out all my other personal deadlines for this month.

I decided to buy myself an ipad to bring on my trip (I just think of it as a gift to myself for my tax refund, haha, go go working girl)! My phone and ipad are twinsies right now :).

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