closet purging again

I didn't want to pay to check in my baggage, so my challenge to myself was to pack my clothes in a carry on suitcase (knowing that I would have the opportunity to launder my clothes at least once during my trip). Also kept in mind that the temperatures would range from 4C~20C throughout the trip, so things needed to be easily layered and matching. One Sunday it was chilly/dreary enough to hail, some rainy days, some warm/clear days, etc.

I came up with this: 3 bottoms (jeans, floral patterned pants, cream trousers), 3 jackets (striped blazer, brown light cardigan, white crochet cardigan), 2 dresses, 3 light knit tops, 1 v-neck sweater, 1 collared blouse, 2 camisoles, blush ballet flats, black boots, scarf... and enough underwear for all the days.

In the end, the only thing I didn't wear was the mint dress (and only because I spent a few nights at another friend's place while leaving most of my luggage at a different place).

Now that I'm home, and know that I can survive with the above, I'm inspired to purge items in my closet that I've not worn in weeks!

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